Coming out of lockdown as a student

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Online learning is not for everyone, it has definitely been a challenge for both teachers and students. For all the students that have logged in throughout the year, congratulations. You have persisted through it and we are so appreciative of your support. For the students that missed many lessons or have fallen behind due to varied circumstances, you can still catch up.

At tutoring (after school learning) and at school

It is highly recommended that you continue with tutoring in addition to your schooling, especially during these times. You can choose the service that best suits you - following your own curriculum with private tutoring or a curriculum set out by us with group tutoring.

  • Ask as many questions you can think of to assist in your learning, no matter how silly it might sound. Just a reminder, this does not mean you can ask every question in your workbook to get an answer from your teacher, but don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand the problem.

  • Complete as much of the workbook as you possibly can. If you are unsure at the time, leave it blank and come back to it later, but aim to complete your entire workbook.

  • Read aloud to your teacher and read quietly to yourself. Read aloud so your teacher can point out words read incorrectly, and read quietly to yourself to ensure you have understood what you have read.

At home

  • Go to the library and borrow books that entertain you and borrow books that are on the recommended list. The more books you read, the more varied the writing styles will be. Familiarising yourself with different writing styles will help you create your own.

  • Play word games with friends such as words with friends or boggle. This is a great way to challenge each other with your vocabulary and have a fun time doing it.

  • Complete your homework and highlight any questions that you are unable to solve. I remember feeling ashamed of questions that I left out and kept them a secret. I wish I could tell my past self it should not be a secret, and you should stop feeling ashamed because it doesn’t help! Each student is different; they each struggle with something different. Just ensure you let your teacher know that you missed a few questions and would like them to explain the question and/or answer. As long as you attempted the question, your teacher will be glad you asked for clarification.

  • Avoid multitasking when completing your homework! Here is a list from Oxford Learning on the negative impacts of multitasking:

The negative effects of multitasking on students can also include:

  • A weaker grasp on the information being learned

  • Poor retention of the material students have studied

  • Higher levels of stress and frustration

  • Brain drain from tackling too many tasks at once

  • Distractions leading to more time required to complete each task

I had to specify our tutoring service as after school learning as there is now a tutoring initiative called “Tutoring in 2021”. This service will be provided by the government by qualified teachers during school hours to assist students who have fallen behind. It is not meant as a replacement to after school tutoring. If you are able to attend after school tutoring services, it is highly advised to do both.


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