What are the benefits of tutoring?

You are probably here because you have been thinking of enrolling your child in tutoring but just need that extra push. Let me explain why tutoring is a great addition to your child’s education.

Offers a different learning experience with more individualised attention

At tutoring, there are usually less resources available, which means tutors have to be creative in how they teach the class. They will usually find different ways to teach a topic until each child has the ‘ah-huh!’ moment. While your child may be doing okay at school, they may find another approach to learning is exactly what they needed to help them improve their grades.

Tutoring class sizes at Lore Tuition are about a third of the size of a school classroom, which allows more time for a tutor to assist each student individually.

Finding a role model

Many tutors are still studying at university or have recently graduated, and therefore are much closer in age to your child. They would have probably gone through what your child is going through now and can offer sound advice on how to overcome certain issues. If your child does not have siblings or have an estranged relationship with them, an older role model might be just what they needed.

Opportunities for more socialising

High school can be a tough time for anybody. Exclusivity and bullying are ongoing issues at school. While they struggle to find friends at school, they may be able to find more opportunities to make friends in a group tutoring class. I personally had a tough time finding a group in high school with things I had in common, but was able to become close friends with the people at tutoring. High school can be intimidating with their hundreds of students per year level compared to the comfort of a small group tutoring class.

Excel above their peers

Obviously, the main reason why you would consider tutoring is to help your child improve, whether that is keeping up with their peers or excelling above their peers. By covering material they would learn at school and more if they are ready, your child can complete school work with more confidence and speed, and may be ready to be challenged with something more advanced.

Allow more down time for parents

These days, both parents are more like to choose to work full time compared to previous generations, which makes it difficult to find time to sit down and help your child with their school work. When you are available to assist, you may not have the confidence anymore since it has been so long since you have gone to school.

Or, no matter how many times you try to help, your child just won’t listen. Having their siblings teach them is even worse. Expect lots of yelling and fighting. There is something about family tutoring family that doesn’t work (I am sure there are many exceptions).

Enrolling them into tutoring will allow you the time to focus on your housework and be at ease that you have an experienced person to help.


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