How many weeks does a term last?

All courses run for a year (4 terms). Each term contains 10 lessons over 10 weeks, followed by a 2-week holiday break. Please note that Lore Tuition does not follow the day school calendar. We highly suggest that you check our official calendar regularly for class dates.

How many students are there in a class?

Unlike other tuition centres, Lore Tuition believes in limiting student numbers so each and every student are able to benefit from their chosen course and receive individualised attention. Lore Tuition guarantees that the student numbers are limited as follows:

  • Group Tuition: Maximum 10 term students per group

  • Private Tuition: Maximum 2 students per group

Are there family discounts?

In order to retain the quality of our services, we do not offer any family discounts on our fees. However, our fees are heavily discounted if the student enrols for the whole term. A range of financing options are available for eligible parents and students.


Are the courses relevant to the work covered during day school?

All our courses follow the guidelines provided by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). Our courses are updated annually, so the work will always be directly relevant to the work covered during day school. From time to time, we do encourage our students to challenge themselves and move beyond their year level.


What are the fees?

Our fees are highly competitive compared to other tuition centres. We aim to keep our fees affordable for all students and parents. Our fees start from $15 per hour, depending on the type of tuition service required and the time the payment is made. Financing options are available.