Years 7 to 10


1.5 hours

​The study of mathematics focuses on developing the six distinct strands of space, number, measurement, chance and data, algebra, and reasoning strategies. The mathematics program aims to develop students in:

  • Fundamental mathematical concepts, suited for use through and beyond school;

  • Sound numerical reasoning skills;

  • Solving problems by utilising the correct mathematical procedures and formulae;

  • Answering questions algebraically and by inference, and

  • Constructing and deriving mathematical formulae using conventional theories and axioms.


1.5 hours

English encompasses several core learning areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening, researching, and analysing. Through these learning areas, students will be able to appreciate, enjoy and utilise language to create and convey ideas, to inform, to discuss, to persuade, to entertain, and to argue. The English program aims to develop in students:

  • The aptitude to speak, listen, read, view and write effectively with poise and purpose;

  • Appreciation of the ways in which language varies according to context, purpose, audience and content, and the capacity to apply this knowledge;

  • A capacity to relate a range of texts this to aspects of contemporary society and personal experience;

  • A knowledge of the linguistic patterns used to construct different texts, and the capacity to apply this knowledge, especially in writing;

  • The capacity to discuss and analyse texts and language critically, and

  • A knowledge of the ways textual interpretation and understanding may vary according to cultural, social and personal differences, and the capacity to develop reasoned arguments about interpretation and meaning.


Core subjects

Additional subjects

General Science

0.5 hours

Group Tuition students have the option to participate in the half-hour General Science component of the Mathematics course. General Science is currently being offered as a core subject at all secondary schools across Australia. General Science allows students to explore the environment around them, and to develop strong analytical skills in preparation for life beyond school. General Science touches on topics in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Extensive Writing

0.5 hours

Group Tuition students have the option to participate in the half-hour Writing component of the English course. Writing is important in all aspects of education. Being able to write well will assist students in all areas of study. In Writing, students are exposed to different writing methodologies to improve their overall writing skills. Some topics may include, report writing, essay writing, and writing in the correct grammatical tense etc.

NAPLAN Preparation

NAPLAN preparation is weaved into each course at relevant year levels. Students practice on past NAPLAN tests, and trial tests written by qualified teachers.