Group Tuition

What is Group Tuition?

Group Tuition classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students per class GUARANTEED. Classes with more than 10 students will be split. Each class has the following features that will allow students to have a beneficial learning experience.

Our tutorials are modelled on a structured curriculum based on worksheets, teaching, and discussion. Each tutorial begins with a review of the previous lesson, where misconceptions are corrected. Our tutors then introduce students to the new topic, actively teaching and discussing the theories and concepts. Practical examples are provided to demonstrate the application of these theories and concepts, and students are subsequently allocated time to complete the provided worksheets. During this time, the tutor will clarify misunderstandings and resolve problems that arise. Tutorials are concluded with the provision of homework designed to reinforce the knowledge attained during the tutorial and improve familiarity with the topic.


Maximum 10 term students per class

Two Assessments per term

Constant feedback from tutors

Email tutor anytime