Private Tuition

What is Private Tuition?

Private Tuition can be conducted face-to-face at your closest Lore Tuition campus or online through our Online Tuition Portal. 

Does your child need extra assistance with their school work or homework? Lore Tuition offers Private Tuition for a number of subjects. Although all of Lore Tuition's group classes provide a lot of assistance and individualised attention, often many students still require extra attention outside of these classes.

Private Tuition students will have the flexibility to allocate a time with a tutor and have a 1-on-1 session for their selected subject. Private Tuition can take place weekly or whenever the student needs help (please book in advance).

In order to join Private Tuition at Lore Tuition, an initial consultation must be held with the Campus Manager. During the consultation, the student's level of achievement, strengths and weaknesses will be identified. Lore Tuition understands that Private Tuition can be costly; therefore, Lore Tuition will only recommend Private Tuition to students who genuinely require assistance in certain subject areas after the initial consultation.

To enrol in Private Tuition, please call Lore Tuition to book a FREE initial consultation.


1-on-1 or max two students

Individualised attention

Constant feedback from tutors

Email tutor anytime