Years Prep to 6


1.5 hours

Mathematics at the primary education level involves acquiring mathematical skills; developing a familiarity with and ability to use foundational mathematical functions comfortably. The attained skills are refined and further developed to ensure a seamless and successful transition into education at the secondary level. In accordance with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, students will have developed the following:

  • A strong understanding of mathematical terminology and their uses;

  • Ability to solve worded problems with the use of given formulae;

  • A honed knowledge in all foundation concepts and functions of mathematics;

  • Capacity to solve problems through logical reasoning; and finally,

  • Understanding of the relationship between dimensions in mathematics and how to apply the corresponding relationships.


1.5 hours

English at the primary education level develops and fosters the student's understanding of and ability to use the English language as a means of communication. It is vital for students to have a strong grasp in language to facilitate a smooth transition into the secondary curriculum. These culminating years of English will involve strengthening the rudimentary foundations of English and various writing, reading and speaking tasks. By the end of the course, students will have:

  • A strong foundation in English syntax and grammar;

  • A knowledge in different facets of writing and the ability to interchange accordingly to suit the target audience;

  • The capacity to explore complex themes and ideas in a given text with detail and sophistication; and lastly,

  • The skills to speak confidently in front of an audience.


Core subjects

Additional subjects

Extensive Writing

0.5 hours

Group Tuition students have the option to participate in the half-hour Writing component of the English course. Writing is important in all aspects of education. Being able to write well will assist students in all areas of study. In Writing, students are exposed to different writing methodologies to improve their overall writing skills. Some topics may include, report writing, essay writing, and writing in the correct grammatical tense etc.

NAPLAN Preparation

NAPLAN preparation is weaved into each course at relevant year levels. Students practice on past NAPLAN tests, and trial tests written by qualified teachers.