Indoor family activities you can try during lockdown in winter

Coming in and out of lockdown is causing mental fatigue on a lot of us. It’s a good idea to step away from the coverage of the pandemic, and now with the Olympics finishing, everyone is looking for something to do! With the cold, wet weather, it is a lot harder for us to spend our time outdoors, so we decided to come up with some ideas of how your family can spend the time together.

Learning a skill together

Learning does not always have to relate to school. With online platforms like youtube, learning a new hobby is as easy as ever! Create short term goals that are achievable, such as learning the alphabet of a new language, or playing an easy song on the piano. It won’t be long until you are able to reach those short term goals, and you’ll be ready to create new ones that will advance your skill. Stick to short term goals as they are realistic and won’t set you or your children up for failure..


There’s something about baking that relieves stress that cooking can’t seem to replicate. Baking cupcakes or cookies is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy doing together and serves as a welcoming treat towards the end of the day. It doesn’t take all day to complete, and your children can watch the cupcakes or cookies rise in the oven! It’s science at work!

Playing card games

There are many games that you play with just your regular set of 52 cards. There’s no need to go out to purchase different types of card games. Crazy 8's, Big 2, Trash, and Spades are just some examples of games you can play that are also easy to learn and explain. Try creating your own card game with the family

Testing science theories

Try some fun science experiments that are appropriate for kids. have a bunch of experiments you can try, such as making pan flutes, making rocket balloons, and creating a cloud in a bottle.


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